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CBD with Animals

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This is Henry before, with his back legs a bit wobbly and his front legs suffering from arthritis. All he did was lay down but now after taking CBD oil he´s got a spring in his step.

Henry, Bess, and Bertie´s evening run.

It was really good to see this video that the dog's owner Lynne sent us - as you can see Henry is running around again about 24 hours after taking our CBD oil which is a 5% CBD Sativa. In the first video she took you can see Henry's back legs are a bit wobbly and his arthritis was clearly affecting him and making him want to lie down... it's lovely to see the oil has given him some relief!


Pablo the American Bully has had HUGE swelling, hard lumps, bleeding and red soreness around his groin and swelling around his back leg for approx 9 months. Also an ear infection for a bit. Unfortunately the Vets had no answers for his swelling so his owners contacted me. We gave Pablo a 7.5% Sativa CBD oil 4 times a day under his tongue (From Another CBD Company) and also a custom made THC/CBD extract organic balm . Thankfully after a week we have reduced swelling by approx 70%, cleared his ear infection and got rid of most of the red patches, bleeding, and soreness. 😁 We will now go to work on his leg and attempt to get rid of all those lumps. To be continued ....🙏🙏❤ x

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