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Price per ML

1ml: £15.99p/ml

5ml: £14.20p/ml

10ml: £12.80p/ml


Item Description:

A great amount of research and development has gone into producing this extract of the highest quality. After CO2 critical extraction a further process called winterization is performed. This uses a solvent and cold temperatures to separate lipids and other desired oil compounds from waxes. From here all THC is removed using a  flash column chromatography method resulting in a beautiful golden Cannabis Sativa paste with more than 40% CBD and zero THC.

This extract has a multitude of uses and is available in 4 different size syringes from 1 to 50ml, larger quantities are available upon request.


Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 40% CBD. Extracted from female cannabis plants which are grown organically under the Spanish sun. Only the buds are used to produce extracts of the highest quality.


These strains of Cannabis Sativa have been grown on Spanish family plantations in a fully organic way.



  • Based on 40% there is 400mg of CBD in 1000mg of Extract

Gold edition Extract

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